The following implant systems are already in our program:

Nobel Biocare Active ™ | Nobel Biocare Replace ™ Connical Connection
Nobel Biocare Replace ™ Select | Medentika Microcone | Medentis ICX
Zimmer Screw-Vent ™ | Bego Semados | DentsplyFrialit ™ Xive
Camlog Screw Line | Bredent Sky | Straumann TL | Straumann BL

For our unique quality product, which combines all advantages in one product, we allow us to calculate net € 193.-.

Currently, only orders within the EU can be accepted.

We are very pleased that you have become aware of our quality product from Austria. Thank you for your trust. You are from Austria or an EU country, then you can register now! Orders can be placed from September 1, 2019!

Please don´t forget! We needed your UID number from you eg AT U12345678 for registration.